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Looking back on SLINGSHOT 2020: The Yield Lab Asia Pacific Agtech Innovation Award Winner, ProAgni

If the world is to sustainably meet the growing population needs, it will need a safe and natural source of protein that also reduces the impact that current farming methods have on the environment. Enter ProAgni.

ProAgni Team. Left to Right: Kerri Langworthy-Ward, Warren Lee, Erika Grimes, Lachlan Campbell (CEO), Robert Bell, David Lefoe, Fiona Soulsby – not pictured Ashley Sweeting

ProAgni won “The Yield Lab Asia Pacific 2nd Annual Agtech Innovation Award” at SLINGSHOT 2020 in December 2020 last year. Recognised for its innovation and adoption of novel technologies in Agriculture, ProAgni’s patented formulation in cattle feed helps reduce the use of antibiotics in cattle rearing, as well as the negative effects that cattle rearing might have on the environment.

According to Claire Pribula, Managing Director and Co-Founder of The Yield Lab Asia Pacific, “ProAgni’s application of technical knowledge and practical experience allowed it to deliver a breakthrough cattle and sheep feed that provides a 20% increase in feed conversion, while also reducing farm costs by 30%, as well as eliminating antibiotics and significantly reducing methane emissions.”

ProAgni ProTect contains proven methane-mitigating ingredients, including one certified by the Carbon Trust. This innovative management of the animal’s stomach helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while also improving the animal’s health by keeping it stable and lowering the incidence of acidosis and reducing the risk of liver abscess in cattle without resorting to antibiotics or ionophores. Product trials continue to prove performance: West Texas A&M University trials were successful; the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland is testing shelf stable probiotics to transition cattle from grass to grain and an Australian beef producer is conducting a large-scale commercial trial.

One of ProAgni's product: ProTect S that optimises sheep performance on grain.

Since winning “The Yield Lab Asia Pacific 2nd Annual Agtech Innovation Award” at SLINGSHOT 2020, ProgAgni has used the prize money awarded by The Yield Lab Asia Pacific to create a marketing and branding campaign to engage their core audience in the Australian agricultural industry. The company has also gone on to achieve more accolades including:

Australian Small Business Champion Award in the Agricultural Services; Winner at the 2020 NSW/ACT Regional Achievement and Community Award for Agricultural Innovation; Ranked #6 Most Innovative Company – Asia Pacific region; Ranked #158 Food Tech 500; Finalist for Beef Alliance Start-up Challenge; and Top-15 Global Finalist for Rabobank Foodbytes!

ProAgni is currently looking to raise a Series A round of investments by the end of October.

Sustainably revolutionising global agrifood systems.

Feeding the global population with high quality nutritious food continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing the world today. This is where organisations like The Yield Lab Asia Pacific can help make new innovations a commercial reality through early-stage investment and bespoke support from their subject matter experts. By partnering with SLINGSHOT, The Yield Lab Asia Pacific also helps give startups like ProAgni a platform to showcase and validate their innovations, technology, and business potential with a global audience of investors, innovators and corporate leaders.

By highlighting innovative technologies and business ventures, these promising early-stage companies are given a unique opportunity to connect with the right industry contacts to achieve their business goals and meet with the right partners to succeed together.

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23 September 2021

The Yield Lab Asia Pacific

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