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Peptobiotics emerges as winner of SLINGSHOT 2022

Adapted from SwitchSG

SLINGSHOT 2022 attracted applications from over 3,600 startups across more than 150 countries. From there, our Top 250 Global Startups were invited to join our Virtual Corporate Mixer and put forward their best elevator pitch to move on to the next round.

Through a rigorous evaluation, our Top 50 Global Startups were shortlisted and flew to Singapore for our curated Physical Immersion filled with dealmaking and networking opportunities with corporates and investors from their respective industries. Right here in Singapore, our Top 10 Grand Finalists were selected after months of preparation and three days of intense pitching.

Finally, we would like to congratulate Peptobiotics, which has emerged as SLINGSHOT 2022’s Grand Winner!

Peptobiotics take nature’s most innovative anti-pathogen defense systems and re-engineer them for use as livestock health products. They will win a S$200,000 Startup SG Grant, an additional S$50,000 Startup SG Grant (as one of our Top 10 Grand Finalists), and 18 months of rent-free space at Launchpad courtesy of JTC.

We would like to also congratulate E3A Healthcare and Wasna for clinching 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up respectively.

Top 10 Grand Finalists

Congratulations to the Top 10 Grand Finalists from SLINGSHOT 2022. They were selected from a cohort of over 3600 applications from 150 countries to emerge top in their domains!

Catch the SLINGSHOT 2022 Grand Finals this Thursday, 27 October 2022 at the SWITCH Grand Stage, where one of the ten finalists will emerge as Grand Winner!

Health and Biomedical

  • E3A Healthcare

  • Wasna

Transformative Digital Technologies

  • SoundEye

  • ThinkVAL

Consumer Media, Goods & Services

  • Divizend

  • Vembi Technologies

Manufacturing, Trade and Connectivity

  • ConcreteAI

  • Kiinns

Environment, Energy and Green Technology

  • CBE Eco-Solutions

  • Peptobiotics



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