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Seed and Series A

We invest in early-stage or late early-stage AgTech and FoodTech innovations, based or looking to expand in the Asia Pacific region.


Highly Experienced Team

The Yield Lab Asia Pacific's team has 100+ years of cumulative expertise in entrepreneurship, fund raising, training, technology, and science to name a few.  As such, we understand innovators' needs and can help them address their gaps, while scaling their business. We are a people-centric, multi-cultural, and business driven team. 

Highly Experienced Team

Over 100K investment

Agriculture is the last trillion dollar industry in need of technology innovation.

The Yield Lab founders' DNA is strongly rooted in the AgTech industry.  We invest in order to globally, sustainably and profitably transform agriculture to meet the basic needs of every human on the planet.

Seed and Series A Investment

Relevant Subject Matter Mentoring

One of the things that make us unique is our comprehensive network of 20-30 years industry experienced advisors and mentors.  Their bespoke contribution to the cohort is key to our global and regional success.

“Funds Managed by Subject Matter Experts Yield Higher Results”. Kauffman Foundation

Relevant subject matter mentoring

Asia Pacific Focused


Asia Pacific’s agriculture and food systems pressures are varied across this highly diverse ethnic and cultural region. This diversity affects the AgTech innovation required to transform a region rooted in smallholder farms and dense populations, environmentally challenged countries that are facing poor nutrition, low yield, financial instability and food safety issues among many others.
The support we provide comes from professionals who have experience in all aspects of agriculture across the region. It is this experience and network that are among the key assets deployed towards your success.

Asia Pacific focused 

Global presence to help you scale

The Yield Lab Asia Pacific is part of a global network of Funds and Accelerators. We have a highly successful track record in helping AgTech innovators thrive regionally, and via our network, experience helping to move these companies into their optimal global addressable market. 

Global presence to help you scale

Do you qualify?


Selection criteria include Intellectual Property, proof of concept, unique industry-impacting innovation, social and environmental impact, commercialisation strategy, growth plan, monetisation strategies, the caliber of the management team...

The Yield Lab Asia Pacific values each application and looks forward to having you in our next cohort!

Do you qualify?

The Yield Lab Asia Pacific's

Series A and co-investments opportunities

The Yield Lab Asia Pacific Fund is a venture capital fund based in Singapore, focused on agriculture technologies and food related (AgTech) investments in the Asia Pacific region. 

The Fund makes Seed and Series A investments in innovative and impactful AgTech companies across Asia Pacific. We are one of only a few to receive a co-funding commitment for investments from SEEDS Capital, the venture capital arm of Enterprise Singapore. 


If you have a disruptive and sustainable AgTech innovation to scale across Asia Pacific, or want to expand globally, or your business is located outside of this region and you want to access the Asia Pacific market, we can help:

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