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The Yield Lab Asia Pacific wishes you a roaring year of Happiness and Success!

Dear friends of The Yield Lab Asia Pacific,

2021 has been a happy and productive year for The Yield Lab Asia Pacific team. As we look forward to the Year of the Tiger, we reflect on a few of our achievements and share some exciting perspectives.

Over this past year we:

- Led DiMuto’s USD 2.35M Series A funding round. DiMuto is a global Supply Chainte technology platform facilitating trade while diminishing food waste.

- Invested in Bloomfield Robotics (Precision Agriculture technology providing plants’ health and performance from seed to harvest through efficient, cost efficient and scalable continuous AI inspection), Peptobiotics (Animal Health synthetic biology technology using nature’s most innovative anti-pathogen defense systems as an alternative to livestock antibiotics), Umami Meats (Food Ingredient technology providing healthy, ethical and sustainable cultured seafood using 100% plant-derived growth serum).

- Reinvested in the $4m pre-Series A round of our existing portfolio company Fasal (Precision Agriculture technology providing climate smart, crop-specific, data driven solution for horticulture).

- Successfully completed the Global Aquaculture Challenge “Transforming Aquaculture Systems with Technology and Data”. The Yield Lab Asia Pacific created and led this nonprofit initiative across 1 year with The Yield Lab Institute. Prizes were in excess of USD $1.6M. We received 180 applicants across all continents, eight companies were selected to work with relevant Industry leaders. Wittaya Aqua (Innovative advance modeling software platform providing visibility and seamless collaboration at the feed and farm level, thus driving efficiencies and improved economics throughout the global aquaculture supply chain to ensure optimal animal health, food conversion, while diminishing waste and carbon footprint) won the Global Aquaculture Challenge 2021 Grand Prize, Jala Tech (Innovative integrated shrimp data platform providing farm management, field assistance, credit, insurance and traceability) won the Aqua Bridge Middle East North Africa Prize for Innovation and Salmokine (Animal Health technology providing “From the animal to the animal” immune booster recombinant proteins as alternative to antibiotics) won the Salmon Sustentable Prize for Transformation. Learn more.

- Sponsored the annual Asia Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit where Fasal, Wittaya Aqua, Bloomfields Robotics, DiMuto, Aptimmune Biologics (Swine Health proprietary cell line platform enabling highly commercially scalable production of reliable vaccines against PRRS and African Swine Fever with a low minimum dose to generate a protective immune response, while phasing out the unsafe and unscalable use of piglet macrophages), and Umami Meats participated in the Innovation in Action Session.

- Provided the 3rd Annual Agtech Innovation Award at Enterprise Singapore Switch Slingshot competition, with the cash prize award going to Wittaya Aqua.

- Hosted The Yield Lab AgFest 2021 from Singapore where 16 of our 72 global portfolio companies from Asia, LatAm, Europe and North America presented their innovation to the World.

Our existing The Yield Lab Asia Pacific Cohort has been very active and we congratulation them for their outstanding achievements, which include:

- Fasal and CrediAI (Smallholder farmers’ credit platform providing a holistic approach to accessing affordable and accredited cashless loans using AI) have won the 2021 Impact Creator Awards in India for bringing outstanding positive impact for millions of farmers during the pandemic providing innovative precision farming solution and financial inclusion.

- TunYat (First online mechanized equipment rental, services and market place platform in Burma) has a received a grant from John Deer to develop its Agri Inputs Service.

The Yield Lab Asia Pacific fund continues to make investments with more shared soon!

In the meantime, The Yield Lab Asia Pacific whole team wishes you a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 2022! 恭喜发财!

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01 Feb 2022

The Yield Lab Asia Pacific Team



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