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Happy Chinese New Year 2020! 恭喜发财!

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Since our launch last year, a lot has happened!

We have:

Created The Yield Lab Asia Pacific Fund for Early Stage and Series A in AgTech investments as part of The Yield Lab global network of funds in North America, South America, Europe

Launched our 1st Accelerator Program Cohort at Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Week. Please visit our Portfolio page.

Awarded the first AgTech Innovation Award at Slingshot to Nutrition Innovation - Transforming world health through sugar innovation.

Established the first The Yield Lab Institute (non profit) initiative in Asia Pacific with an Early Stage Aquaculture Innovation Challenge during AquaSG19, co-organized by Blue Aqua International and Aquaculture Innovation Centre.

Big congratulations for the participants Freshport Asia, Gills and Fins, Oreka Solutions, Protenga, Vaksea


Let's collaborate for more Sustainable #agriculture and #aquaculture practices while positively impacting communities across the region!

No women in AgTech? The Yield Lab Asia Pacific is proud to be 83% women led!

The Yield Lab Asia Pacific Team

For successful innovation in food and agricultural technologies

globally - sustainably - profitably



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